A Message to 2021 Fall Regional Meeting Attendees

It’s been a challenging time – a time of unexpected difficulties and unprecedented obstacles. Together, not only have we navigated these challenges, we have sustained ourselves and our communities, we have developed new foundational pillars to guide our own equally unprecedented resurgence focused on creating exciting new opportunities in the year ahead.

Join us at this year’s CHOC Fall Regional meetings as we explore possibilities to maximize our potential and forge ahead into our brave new future where we will:

REBOUND with engaging strategies to regain traction and create new opportunities in the new business climate…

RESTORE our spirits and our confidence to serve our valued customers during uncertain times while reconnecting with our staff and teams…

REUNITE to restore and nurture realignment with one another and our mutual goals.

Through sharing of best practices, common experiences, and creative strategies, we ensure our reemergence from these demanding times stronger, better, and prepared to handle the future better than ever before! It takes more than difficult times and unanticipated challenges to keep us down. Our drive and entrepreneurial spirit of excellence and mutual support has helped us weather the storm. Now, join us as we rally once again on our solid foundation, with strong new strategic pillars.

Together, we will re-emerge stronger than ever before!